With the diversified skill set of our mentors, we are trying to create an interdisciplinary environment in which our engineers are mixing with other disciplines and opening up their minds to think differently.

Lead PIs
Dr. Hassan Bashir
Political Science
Dr. Patrick Linke
Chemical Engineering
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Dr. Zohreh Eslami
Dr. James Rogers
Public Policy
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Dr. Andrej Zwitter
Political Science
Dr. Joost Herman
Globalization Studies
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Participating Faculty
International Collaborators
Dr. Adeela Arshad-Ayaz
Dr. M. Ayaz Naseem
Peace Education
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Dr. Ulrich Mans
Humanitarian Innovation
Jorn Poldermans
Process Design
Thomas Baar
Advance Data Analysis
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Support Staff
Olena Snitko
Texas A&M Qatar
Walli Ullah
Texas A&M Qatar
Dalia Isam Eldin Mohamed
Texas A&M Qatar
Amaranta Luna Arteaga
University of Groningen
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Dr. Trinidad Rico
Luke Hingtgen
Rhetoric and Philosophy
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Dr. Mohammed Rafi Arefin
Urban Geography
Dr. Waqas Nawaz
Sustainability Management
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Danya Al-Saleh
Geography and Anthropology
Syed Taha
Risk Management
Muhammad Bin Yousaf
Mechanical Engineering
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Kate Dodgson
Blockchain Technology
Evan Yap Peraza
Digital Identity Management
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