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Student Reflection - Omar
"What is humanitarian engineering, I never knew such a thing existed until I participated in this workshop" - Seham
"This workshop has been one of the most fun and entertaining weeks of my life and I really believe that I learned many valuable lessons that I will never forget" - Fatima
Student Reflection - Ali
"There was a focus on teaching us not what to think, but how to think. Overall, this workshop was a terrific experience for me. I feel that it empowered me to learn a lot about the role of engineering in humanitarian action. It also corrected many previous misconceptions that I held" - Farah
"The first day of the Humanitarian Engineering Workshop was some sort of a break-in period for me. It was a day where I was thrown into a new environment to talk with new people, and to learn how to communicate my ideas in a way that could be understood by people who do not share the same amount of technical knowledge as I did"  - Arvin
Student Reflection - Fatima
"It was refreshing to see from more than the perspective of an engineer and to also acknowledge that the world is more than book knowledge and grades and that humans matter and being socially aware is very important. This trip was very eye opening and I find that I am more open to hearing others speak and also be specific when addressing issues"  - Saly
Student Reflection - Nafia
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