Food Security for Rohingya Refugees living in the Cox's Bazar of Bangladesh (Greenhouses and Hydroponics)
Medical supplies for Nepal's earthquake affectees (3D Printing)
Safe transportation of vital supplies to the flood affected communities in Somalia (Aquatic Drones and Sonar Technology)
Prompt supply of medical resources to the Palestinian refugee camps (Digital Communication Platform)
Food security assistance for the affectees of natural disasters in Indonesia (Drones)
Measles vaccine delivery to the inaccessible villages in Peru (Automated Drones)
Fast collection and delivery of donations for disadvantaged communities in Amazon (E-commerce)
Internet access for the flood affected communities in Vietnam's Southern Hanoi (Wireless Balloon Network)
Safe and efficient identification of the earthquake affectees' location (Drones)
Safe, reliable and sufficient delivery of potable water in rural areas (Smart Devices)
Efficient health care services for the unaccompanied minor refugees transiting from Turkey (Database)
Centralized interactive visual database for identifying the operations of NGOs in a crisis-hit locality (Database)